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What EFT can do for you...

Emotional freedom technique(EFT) is a form of therapy with many applications.

It has been successful in treating and alleviating illness, phobias, aches, psychological traumas, allergies, addictions, grief. Essentially it can be and has been used on everything..

EFT is a new and effective form of therapy

As you are reading this each and every cell in your body is performing around 6 trillion functions per second. There is an inner intelligence that co-ordinates and runs your body, it does this constantly and in harmony with your environment.

It's not just DNA and it's not just your environment, it is also and sometimes completely your perception. Your perception and the inner narrative that you have for yourself has massive influence over your biological state.

There is a whole new scientific area devoted to this called epigenetics, studying how memories and experiences can have profound influences over living organisms. As humans with the power of consciousness we have a choice, although sometimes we may not even be aware. EFT and matrix re-imprinting can help you find a way in to resolving your issues and discover whats going on in the inner narrative of your illness, stress, allergy, phobia or trauma.

This therapy can do this and help you to heal.

May, 2018

About Benita

Benita has over ten years experience of face to face counselling, together with a degree in Experimental Psychology.
Essential EFT is registered with AAMET( Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) and is fully insured.

EFT Tips

  • EFT can be done by anyone, anywhere.
  • EFT can resolve many kinds of issues, but sometimes it is important to get to the core issue
    for full resolution.
  • EFT can be done alone, in groups or with a therapist.
  • Once you have learned EFT it is a skill that you can have for life.
  • EFT is a therapy that often works where other therapies have failed.