Your EFT Therapy Choices

EFT is a new therapy based on some old and new kinds of medicine. It mainly derives from neuro-linguistic programming, rogerian therapy and acupuncture.

In EFT we use gentle tapping on the body, head and hands at certain points, see picture of the blue man on my website banner for where these are. Through doing this and talking about our issues/problems we encourage our body and mind into a state of greater harmony and ease, the current term for this is mindfulness. Energy medicine deals with imbalances that occur and remain after stressful events, whether they are real or imagined, past,present or future and physical or emotional.

With EFT/matrix re-imprinting we will enable your body/mind to discharge negativity and re-harmonise with your environment. You don't have to believe in it for it to work! In fact EFT and matrix work extremely well on disassociated clients, simply this means you may not have a clue why you have this fear(for instance),but together with your therapist we can reach these core issues that are controlling your life.

You can achieve and keep changes in your life to realise a healthier, more congruent, more energetic you. I have seen EFT used and used it myself for conditions are wide ranging as weight loss to phobias. EFT is a new kind of medicine, it works holistically and energetically with your body's own natural resources. Most importantly EFT and Matrix will allow healing to take place where previous therapies have failed.

If you are interested, please call or email for a free consultation using the contact form on this website