About the Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a form of energy psychology, a western take on a Chinese medical system, accupuncture.There are energy channels running through the body known as meridians. in accupuncture these channels are regulated using needles, in EFT we use gentle tapping on the body, head and hands at certain points. Doing this whilst speaking about our issues/problems we encourage our body and mind into a state of greater harmony and ease.

This technique encourages our body/mind to rebalance.

Throughout our lives we experience change and stress and our bodies have evolved to deal with this, using EFT and Matrix finds a way of harmonising with this. Typically the stories we tell ourselves about major significant events in our lives have clues within them as to why we experience certain kinds of illness. Sometimes there is a gap in the narrative, a semantic break. During an EFT session we can chase the energy back to the original source of this discord with often profound results.Please contact us for a free chat via phone or email and we can arrange a session.